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Purpose: To provide a "guided" tour of the former Great Northern Railway, Burlington Northern Railway and the current Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway territory in what is known as the Scenic Subdivision.
Content: The tour consists of several active locations between Monroe and Wenatchee Washington. These locations are of interest to railfans and historians. The info includes highway mileposts, railroad mileposts, GPS coordinates, full featured Google maps along with current and historic photographs. Additional "locations" will be added as time and resources allow. See link below for the Iron Goat Trail that covers about 9 miles of abandoned Great Northern Railway grade. Your suggestions and contributions are welcome.
When pursuing your hobby you do not have the right to trespass on railroad property or rights-of-way. It is illegal and dangerous and will be viewed by law enforcement as a criminal offense subject to arrest and prosecution. Help support a safe rail network by joining the Citizens for Rail Security.

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Scanner Frequencies Generally Active Track Defect Detector Locations
161.100 Seattle Wenatchee Dispatcher 1654.7 1690.0 1735.0
161.160 Seattle Terminal Dispatcher 1661.6 1695.1 1740.5
160.500 Dispatcher Link 1666.1 1697.3 1751.9
160.380 Dispatcher Link 1668.2 1721.2 1762.0
160.665 Berne PBX 1673.0 1725.5
161.130 Skykomish PBX 1683.7 1730.7
160.260 Bremerton PBX A defect detector is a device used on railroads to detect problems in passing trains. The detectors are normally integrated into the tracks.
     Location diagram
160.620 Mission Ridge PBX
452.950 Dispatcher Cascade Tunnel

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